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“The best private pool villas in Asia provide unparalleled experiences in tropical exclusivity, complemented by private chefs, on-site spas, and beautiful pools perfect for all kinds of parties.” 10 Of The Best Private Pool Villas In Asia For Indulgent Group Getaways,, Published March 21, 2022
“With the pandemic going on, we are all eagerly awaiting until we can take a trip to a faraway place so we can truly enjoy a well-deserved vacation. We’re bringing you some ideal locations where you can indulge yourself in some of the Far East’s Havens.” Indulge yourself at the 10 Far East’s Elite Havens,, 6th August 2020
“It’s not just swanky Villa Sapi that impresses Natalie Richards; it’s also the talents of her personal chef.” Live life like a rock star in paradise, The weekend west, September 7-8, 2019.
“Villa Sapi in Lombok-just a hop, skip and a white sand beach away from Bali.” Unparalleled Luxury and Superstar Villa, Honeycombers, March 16, 2017.
“It is very clear that good design always speaks for itself, and good service generates the necessary ‘word of mouth’.!” Moo-nificent in Lombok!, Indonesia Design, Volume 11 no.62 May – June 2014.
“Ampersand has recently returned from a research tour of Lombok & the Gili Islands and have one thing to say: GO NOW!” Top 10 Luxury Lombok, Ampersand, 8 May 2014.
“Menyerap sinar matahari dan musim dingin di hotel-hotel hangat di Lombok.” Endless Summer, Sapi Villa, Style Decor, Published May, 2013.
“16 villas de lujo donde no echarás de menos tu casa.” Conde Nast Traveler Spain, Published March, 2013.
“All in all, this is a villa where you will want to bring your friends so they can see it for themselves, says The Villa Guide. Photos and tall tales just won’t suffice.” Southeast Asia’s top 10 private villas, CNN Go, Published 17 September, 2012.
“VILLA SAPI is the latest super – luxury property to open on Lombok, and what awaits guests is a whole new level of relaxation and refinement.” Relax Until The Cows Come Home, Maxx-M, Vol.9 No. 07 October-November ’11.
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