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Cooking School

Villa Sapi - Experienced chef

A stay at Villa Sapi gives you the opportunity to kick back and relax. With the deserted Sira Beach at your doorstep and the soothing sound of waves rolling onto the shore as the background score, there is little need to look elsewhere for entertainment.

However, if you do crave activity to punctuate the leisurely day, a cooking class would be the perfect answer. Villa Sapi has a hidden gem known only to guests who have chosen it as their holiday home - its exceptional chef. In fact, Chef Kantun’s food is so popular that guests return to the villa just for the gourmet experience. After being urged on numerous occasions to start structured cooking classes, Chef Kantun decided to open a full-fledged cooking school, right next door to Villa Sapi.

The cooking school offers free classes for guests staying at the villa. Learn Lombok’s traditional food in an encouraging and professional environment. During the four-hour class, you will be taught how to cook a delectable three-course meal, including a starter, a main dish and a dessert. Typically these dishes will be Indonesian and often local to Lombok. However, if you wish to learn International cuisines, training in those is available as well.

Lombok doesn’t have much in terms of training for youngsters who want to become chefs. Chef Kantun saw this need gap and started the cooking school to help the community build this skill set. The school offers a certificate course wherein trainees have to attend classes for six months and then are sent off for a four-month training at the villa or other hotels. The last two months are spent at the cooking school again, ending the year with being awarded the certificate for completion of the course. Chef Kantun’s long-term plan is to open a restaurant in the cooking school, which will serve delicious food to diners as well as provide the much-required experience to trainees.

Access to the cooking school is a great perk for guests staying at Villa Sapi, as is being served delicious fare by Chef Kantun himself.

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