Villa Sapi - Dining area with view to Sira Beach


Villa Sapi - Dining area design

Guests at Villa Sapi are offered full board meals (at a special rate).  Villa Sapi’s chef discusses food and meal schedules with guests at the start of their stay.  He then produces three gourmet meals per day:  a full and hearty breakfast, a three-course lunch and a three-course dinner, plus afternoon tea and snacks. The chef only uses the freshest vegetables and fruits, mostly harvested from Villa Sapi’s own organic garden or from the local market.  Fish comes directly from the local fishermen.  Poultry is raised locally and organically.  Fresh beef and lamb are imported from Australia and New Zealand.

Guests can expect stunningly presented delicious servings of fresh fish, steaks or lamb chops with a colourful array of fresh vegetables; gazpacho soup; gourmet pasta dishes; local dishes such as pepes ikan (fish baked in banana leaf packages); Lombok prawn curry; Sate Ikan Tanjung, which originates from the neighbouring village of Tanjung and features a satay of spiced tuna or snapper fish with an infusion of coconut milk and garlic, pressed onto a lemongrass skewer and grilled.  Desserts include a wonderful chocolate fondant and the villa’s pastry chef bakes delicious cakes and other sweet treats.  Freshly squeezed fruit juices are always available at Villa Sapi, as well as other soft drinks, beers and a good range of imported spirits (served at cost price) – Mojitos are a specialty.  Barbecues or pool balé dinners can be arranged with traditional dance entertainment.

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