Villa Sapi has a dedicated team of 21 staff, working shifts.

Chef / manager

Kantun is Villa Sapi’s full-time Chef and Manager.  He has been trained in five-star cuisine by Asian and French Chefs in the most renowned hotels in Singapore and Lombok (The Oberoi, Lombok) and he presents guests with the best of both culinary cultures.  A full-time assistant will take over in the kitchen when Kantun is assisting guests during their stay.  He is on call 24 hours a day.

Pastry chef
Villa Sapi is the only villa in Lombok to have an in-house pastry chef.  Guests can enjoy freshly baked baguettes, croissants and delicious cakes.

Two full-time butlers are on hand to attend to guests’ every need; this includes serving food and beverages at meal times, as well as snacks, afternoon tea, cocktails and drinks throughout the day and evening. The head butler previously worked at The Oberoi, Lombok.


This team of two will attend to all of the daily cleaning and domestic duties at Villa Sapi including the laundry, which is done in-house free of charge.


The huge garden at Villa Sapi is tended daily by a team of seven gardeners, who are extraordinarily discreet. They work hard to maintain high standards without disturbing the guests.


Villa Sapi employs a full-time maintenance man to resolve any problems inside or outside the buildings.

Pool maintenance

Two externally-contracted pool maintenance men look after the four swimming pools at Villa Sapi.

Spa staff/masseuse

Off-site, fully trained spa staff from The Oberoi, Lombok, will visit the villa on request to provide a range of spa and massage treatments.


Villa Sapi is kept safe and secure day and night by a team of six security guards working rotating shifts.

an elite haven
Villa Sapi – Lombok 5 bedroom beachfront villa for rent Elite Havens
Canadian architect David Lombardi’s concept of ‘Function over Form’ leaves Villa Sapi’s guests with a sense of discovery and surprise at every turn, from the traditionally styled, grass-roofed building that houses the main kitchen to a futuristic home theatre.

Furnishings carry a signature colour theme of black, red and lime green, while the walls are adorned with flair – bamboo, water cascades and conceptual artwork.  The first clue to the quirky nature of the artwork is a white sculpture in the coconut grove garden which, in huge black letters, suggests that we should ‘Stop Making Sense’.

The view over the 2,500sqm estate from the villa’s open-sided living and dining room, bedrooms and bathrooms is unrivalled; here guests can look forward to a vista that is ever-changing with the moods of the sea, sky, neighbouring islands, distant mountains, forests and colourful fishing boats.  At night, after a magnificent sunset, the scene becomes even more magical as the moon’s reflection twinkles on the water, presenting a picture of tranquillity and unforgettable beauty.

A full team of staff is on hand at Villa Sapi to look after every guest’s need with superb cuisine and service.  The villa’s manager, chef and head butler were all previously employed by The Oberoi Hotel Group and have been trained to the highest level.  A wide range of activities is available to guests at Villa Sapi, including tennis on the villa’s private court, golf, snorkelling, diving, waterfall hikes and mountain trekking, cycling, day trips to the nearby Gili Islands, cookery classes and more.

There is a sweet story behind the villa’s name.  The huge coconut grove on which the property stands used to be grazing land for cows, the most treasured possessions of Lombok farmers, symbolising status, wealth and happiness.  The owners decided that these graceful beasts should be rightfully honoured:  Sapi means cow in the Indonesian language.
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