Indoor living

Living and dining

Villa Sapi’s living and dining areas are situated in the main open-fronted pavilion with its warmly-hued wooden floor and soaring timber-framed roof hung with pendulous rectangular lanterns. The sitting area is furnished with modular sofas and ottomans (big enough to seat 22 guests) crafted in coconut shell veneer. The picture is completed with a huge piece of artwork and two arched stainless steel reading lamps.

The dining area is positioned adjacent to the kitchen at the opposite end of the main building. Here, an impressive wooden dining table is complemented by 14 cushioned chairs with covers revealing a flash of scarlet.

The guesthouse features an open-sided flat-roofed sitting area with a concrete floor, six comfy chairs and a solid wood coffee table.


The villa presents two kitchens connected via a bridge over an ornamental pond. At the front, adjacent to the dining area, is a cutting-edge feature kitchen fashioned in white lacquer with a service bar crafted in resin and lit by three original ‘Campari Light’ suspension lamps. Designed by Raffaele Celentano, each lamp has been created using ten genuine Italian Campari Soda bottles in original condition complete with the Campari inside. This kitchen is equipped with a Nespresso coffee maker and a five-burner gas hob and oven.

Behind the feature kitchen, a bridge over a pond connects a stand-alone building reminiscent of a Lombok cottage – rustic and charming on the outside, with a thatched roof, a traditional Lombok double door, and random rock Lombok stone walls, yet a state-of-the-art working kitchen on the inside, fully equipped with professional appliances.


A ‘secret’ door from the living space opens into the study. This air-conditioned oval room has a wooden floor that slopes upwards into the room. Characterised by curved walls of white stone and glass, and with views of the garden, the study is furnished with a centrally positioned large desk and chair and accessorised with funky lights and black & white framed photographs.

Within the study is a concrete ‘funnel’ housing a circular shower room with a skylight at the top. Around its outside wall, the shower room supports a wooden spiral staircase which leads up to the rooftop where a metal ladder drops back down to the living area. A king-size bed can be installed in the study to convert it into an additional bedroom if required.

Home theatre

The extraordinary ‘space-age’ home theatre room is wrapped in bamboo and appears to hover above the ground. With its sides of glass and heavy sliding door accessed via a solid stone step, this unique building features funky ceiling lamps and a polished concrete floor upon which ten beanbags – one lime green and nine red – are arranged for comfortable viewing.

A large flat-screen satellite-channel TV and DVD player is positioned at the far end of the room, with surround-sound channelled through speakers in each corner.

Spa/massage room

A thatched lumbung (traditional rice barn) featuring ornate carvings and wooden shutters and furnished with two massage beds serves as a fan-cooled spa room in the garden. A washroom is positioned next to the lumbung, its curved roof planted with grass and its rustic shower, crafted from bamboo, open to the sky.

an elite haven
Villa Sapi – Lombok 5 bedroom beachfront villa for rent Elite Havens
Canadian architect David Lombardi’s concept of ‘Function over Form’ leaves Villa Sapi’s guests with a sense of discovery and surprise at every turn, from the traditionally styled, grass-roofed building that houses the main kitchen to a futuristic home theatre.

Furnishings carry a signature colour theme of black, red and lime green, while the walls are adorned with flair – bamboo, water cascades and conceptual artwork.  The first clue to the quirky nature of the artwork is a white sculpture in the coconut grove garden which, in huge black letters, suggests that we should ‘Stop Making Sense’.

The view over the 2,500sqm estate from the villa’s open-sided living and dining room, bedrooms and bathrooms is unrivalled; here guests can look forward to a vista that is ever-changing with the moods of the sea, sky, neighbouring islands, distant mountains, forests and colourful fishing boats.  At night, after a magnificent sunset, the scene becomes even more magical as the moon’s reflection twinkles on the water, presenting a picture of tranquillity and unforgettable beauty.

A full team of staff is on hand at Villa Sapi to look after every guest’s need with superb cuisine and service.  The villa’s manager, chef and head butler were all previously employed by The Oberoi Hotel Group and have been trained to the highest level.  A wide range of activities is available to guests at Villa Sapi, including tennis on the villa’s private court, golf, snorkelling, diving, waterfall hikes and mountain trekking, cycling, day trips to the nearby Gili Islands, cookery classes and more.

There is a sweet story behind the villa’s name.  The huge coconut grove on which the property stands used to be grazing land for cows, the most treasured possessions of Lombok farmers, symbolising status, wealth and happiness.  The owners decided that these graceful beasts should be rightfully honoured:  Sapi means cow in the Indonesian language.
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